Franklin is growing (as am I)

As each year passes I’m learning to let go of everything I’ve always been conditioned to believe about celebrating a birthday. 

Franklin doesn’t need what everyone else might need on their birthday and that’s ok. We celebrate it his way. There were no happy birthday cheers when he woke up, the noise could have easily upset him as he is becoming more sensitive to sound every year. There was no birthday cake for the first time this year, because he’s never once eaten it. There were no wrapped presents neatly piled, because he isn’t interested in opening them. I’ve always told myself, maybe next year he’ll want these traditions and want a “normal” birthday, but now I’m realising he may never want them and that’s ok, because he is so much more than “normal”. 

We are focusing on what is actually important today. Franklin having a nice day and doing things he loves with the people who love him most. He doesn’t know it’s his birthday so as long as he is loving this moment, happy and relaxed then that’s all that matters. Jumping brings him pure joy and a Sensory Den brings him calmness and peace. In a world that often doesn’t make sense to him, he deserves that on his birthday. 

He can’t tell me with words that he is enjoying today, but he doesn’t need to, he is telling me with his eyes and his smile. 

Happy 7th birthday my beautiful, extraordinary boy ❤️