Spinning in Circles

Christmas Day didn’t start well and Franklin had two major meltdowns over the course of the day.

He didn’t want to join us at the dinner table for Christmas dinner. He ran away and lay on the sofa until we finished and had left the table. Only then did he sit down at the table, by himself, and nibble 2 Yorkshire puddings.

There were highs though and progression from previous years. He showed more interest in some of his presents than he ever has done before. He even wanted to open a couple which is a first! He also coped well with the grandparents visits and Tabitha’s extreme excitement levels!

His main present, the spinning circle seat (aptly named!), was a godsend (Santasend?) and gave him a sensory fix and some much needed comfort.

Merry Christmas to everyone, whatever your day looked like 🥂❤️