Sunflower Lanyard Scheme

Franklin’s Sunflower Lanyard has arrived! 🌻

The sunflower lanyard scheme has been introduced to let others know that a person has a hidden disability. It is supported by charities including The National Autistic Society.

The lanyards are available for people with autism and other hidden disabilities, to act as a sign for staff that additional support or help may be required.

It’s been used in airports for a while now (hence why it’s taken me so long to obtain one! Maybe when Franklin’s older🤞✈️). The great news is that Tesco and Sainsburys have also recently trialed the lanyards in some of their stores.

I’m hoping it makes my trips to supermarkets, shops, play centres etc with Franklin a little more bearable. I may not necessarily need any additional help, however, I’m hoping this will increase understanding. Franklin’s condition is invisible and unfortunately he can be judged and mislabelled as a naughty or unruly child by strangers. His behaviour, mannerisms and random outbursts aren’t the ‘norm’, heightened when he is struggling to cope which is common place in somewhere like a supermarket. The stares we get are painful. I hope him wearing the lanyard reduces this.

It would be amazing for it to be a recognised sign everywhere. I’m hoping more supermarkets and businesses expand and support the scheme.

Please please share to help! 🌻