Sick and Tired

It’s been a tough week. I hate when he’s poorly. I know it’s awful when any of our kids are poorly, but what I find heartbreaking is Franklin doesn’t understand and cannot tell me what he’s feeling. 

Whenever my daughter has been poorly she would always tell me ‘my tummy hurts’ or ‘my throat hurts’ or ‘I feel hot’ and I would fix it. That’s my job. I would comfort her. Reassure her. Give her that special pink medicine to make it all better.

I can’t do that with Franklin. He doesn’t understand what he’s feeling or why. He can’t tell me where it might hurt. He doesn’t want to be cuddled or comforted. I can’t reassure him, he doesn’t understand the words. He refuses ALL medicine because he doesn’t recognise what I’m trying to spoon down him. He stops eating and drinking completely. He just lies on the floor and cries. 

All I can do is lie next to him… if he lets me