Everything is uncertain while the country tries to stop the spread of this virus. The next few weeks and months are going to be difficult to navigate for all of us.

I’m trying to keep what I can constant in Franklin’s life. Any unknown or change has always caused extreme anxiety and stress for him, which can lead to horrendous meltdowns or have a significant impact on his ability to cope. Keeping routines and familiarity as much as humanly possible is key to managing this situation for Franklin.

I’ve set up a replica school workstation in the hallway. It’s separate to any living space in the house and we’re only going to access it when it’s ‘school time’. I hope this will help keep school and home separate for him in his mind, while still managing to keep school a part of his life and routine. It is so important to ensure this situation doesn’t have a detrimental impact on all the progress and development he has made in the past 18 months while at school. I can’t and won’t allow that to happen.

Managing my own unease and anxiety while trying to calm my childrens isn’t always easy. I hope you are all managing to do exactly what is right for you, and for your children, however that may look for your family. Sending some Monday love ❤️❤️