Risk vs Reward – The struggle is real

Childrens nativities are one of the loveliest things to witness. They epitomise Christmas to me and the true beginning of the festivities.

That burst of joy watching your child stand on stage with their classmates. There is no other feeling like it.

The nervous anticipation when their little part is approaching, that burst of love and joy when they say a line or dance and sing with such carefree enthusiasm like only a child can do, and then the warm glow you feel for hours after it. Nothing can replace these precious moments as a parent.

I really miss these moments with Franklin. I appreciate how lucky I am to experience them with my daughter.

The simple fact is the risk doesn’t outweigh the reward. Franklin has been struggling during the rehearsals, it’s too overwhelming for him. His teachers have tried their best for weeks and there have been a few glimmers of hope when he’s coped brilliantly, but overall we cannot risk putting him through it.

The after effects of a negative experience can be substantial. The nativity takes place in the main hall at school where the children also eat lunch and have P.E. lessons. Franklin struggled significantly at the beginning of term eating any lunch and wouldn’t go into the hall at lunchtime. He also has only very recently (since going back to school in Sept) been happy going into the hall for brief spells during P.E. A negative experience during the nativity could reverse all the progress he has made, and put him off going into the hall again when he associates the unpleasant emotions with the hall.

It is most definitely the right decision. We will try again next year though, and every year after that ❤️