Mummy I want a drink!

I’m feeling incredibly proud today. Franklin has progressed onto 3 pictures on the PECS sentence strip. He now can add a mummy, daddy or Tabitha picture to the strip when making a request to whichever one of us he chooses. 

He has never said the word ‘mummy’ and it’s the first time we have progressed onto using it in any kind of communication method. Watching him select me from his PECS book, then him touch my face on the sentence strip while I say the word ‘mummy’ for him, feels like such an acknowledgement by him of me being his ‘mummy’ I am overwhelmed. It feels pretty damn awesome.  

Well done Franklin!! 💙🌟 We couldn’t have achieved this without our wonderful speech therapist Jodie. God knows where he would be if we didn’t pay for private therapy, he hasn’t had any speech therapy from the NHS since May last year! Did I mention he’s non-verbal?!!!

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