When amazing things happen

To be honest I don’t know how I’ve managed to write this now because I am only just about holding it together (as in not at all), but I wanted to post it today so here goes.

As a mum with a young son diagnosed with autism, April has become an important month for me.

During April, Autism Awareness Week brings the opportunity to raise awareness as well as funds for associated charities (ours being Support Dogs). It’s an opportunity for individuals to become aware and also educated that the world has been blessed by people with autism. My life certainly has.

Franklin is 5 and attends mainstream school, therefore spending every day with typically developing children. These incredible children are welcoming, understanding and accepting autism at such a young age, they are leading the way to a brighter future. They have embraced Franklin and shown such a loving kindness towards him that it inspired me to forge ahead with this event.

Our event being to replicate the autism jigsaw puzzle piece logo in a very special and unique way…. with our children!

Not only have I loved being able to promote autism awareness but it has also helped me on a very personal level, to realise I am not alone on this journey, which is something I have feared since Franklin was diagnosed. I want to say a very heartfelt thank you to Charlotte Partington and Ed Stephens (EJS-Aerial) in particular, this could not have been achieved without their enormous effort and support. As well as all the wonderful children, their parents and teachers from Turton & Edgworth primary school.

I’m hoping we can reach as many people as possible with our inspirational video, to show what can be achieved when a community comes together.

and I must say… we nailed it!👌🏻

Watch the amazing video of it here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2356817271269157&id=2254701438147408

Please share far and wide!!!!