Bring on the Blanket

Children with autism often seek out deep pressure sensations. Franklin does this…. a LOT. 

Deep touch pressure is a therapeutic tool used for autism. Created to mimic the benefits of deep touch pressure therapy, weighted blankets have been shown to help ease anxiety, increase oxytocin in the brain and help individuals with autism and sensory processing disorders feel calm, soothed and relaxed.

The added weight of the blankets can be great for sensory input too. By applying firm but gentle pressure, a weighted blanket delivers all of the benefits of a hug without forcing unwelcome contact. This sensation releases serotonin which helps to regulate sleep and mood. Sleep!!

‘Apparently’ I have a tendency to get a little carried away when I find something that actually works – thus I had to be barred from ordering one in every colour. 

Franklin hasn’t actually slept under it yet because he doesn’t do bedding, nor does he do pyjamas either at the minute. Every item gets stripped off as soon as I turn the light off. Nevertheless he is loving lying on it, under it and wrapped inside it. 

I wonder if there’s a discount for bulk buying… 😉