A very Good Bye…

I think I can officially say “bye” is Franklin’s first ever word!!

He has been vocalising it for a good few months now, but in all honesty I’ve been reluctant to post about it for fear of tempting fate (I’m still nervous 😬 but I want to share the journey with you). He doesn’t respond every time, however I feel we’re comfortably at around 50% of the time now when he does and often in context, so I pray it’s here for good.

This single word is so powerful and holds so much meaning for us. It’s shone light through the recent darkness and given us hope that anything is possible.

It has taken 5 1/2 years to achieve this milestone and I’m under no illusion other words are now just going to roll off his tongue at speed, but to hear his little voice say a word… wow… I cannot even begin to describe the elation we’ve felt or how much my heart could actually swell. I literally have to stop myself saying bye to him 700 times a day!

(FYI I’m not using the wave gesture in the video when I say bye to Franklin. I’ve purposely taken it away to ensure he follows my vocal only and not the visual prompt)

Watch the video here…