International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day I want to dedicate this post to my wonderful daughter Tabitha.

I know it isn’t easy being the big sister to your autistic brother. I know you carry him mentally just as much as you do physically. You have to make endless sacrifices and compromises. Your patience and continued understanding of all the things we can’t do often amazes me.

As the majority of our family time has to be tailored around Franklin’s needs, I cherish our one-on-one girly days. It makes them all that more special because that time can be solely about you.

This photo captures it perfectly. It’s one of those simple things your brother struggles with… eating out. Yet you love nothing more than being in a cafe with a cake and a babyccino, and your face says it all!

Undeterred by the challenges, you shine bright as a strong and determined young lady with her own needs, opinions, talents and huge personality. You make me proud to be your mum, every single day 💞