Dark Den.. attempt 2

Well the Dark Den is up and ready for another try!

We bought it the Christmas before last, beyond excited thinking Franklin would love it. Having spent the majority of the December in a box (a colour-in nativity house), it seemed like the perfect Christmas gift for him. He hated it, wouldn’t even go inside it, so we took it down after a month and stuck it in the loft.

He’s been craving a quiet space the past few weeks. The summer holidays and the huge amount of change this brings to his routine always affects him. He has been taking himself off to quiet corners of rooms to self-regulate, so it feels like the ideal time to try it again.

The Dark Den completely blocks out all light, but has little mesh windows if you didn’t want complete darkness. It’s the perfect place to offer Franklin a quiet and distraction free environment when he needs it. It is also an ideal sensory environment for stimulating his senses when used with sensory lighting and effects etc, if I can just get him inside that is.

If it doesn’t work I can always hide out in it until the kids go back to school 🤫