A boys best friend

Franklin is always on the move. He doesn’t do ‘still’. He runs, jumps, bounces, rocks and climbs constantly. When Support Dogs visited us, the effect Stanley (the dog) had on Franklin was incredible. He was instantly calm, relaxed and still! He wanted to just sit with Stanley, to stroke and to cuddle him. It was love at first sight.

The simplest thing like going to the supermarket or to a park is tough and sometimes impossible for Franklin. It’s a scary new environment with unknown sights, sounds and smells.

Support Dogs do an amazing job of providing trained dogs for autistic children, to provide them with safety and companionship, to know when they are stressed and need comfort – to make the simplest trips that everyone takes for granted, like to the shops or to a friends house, or even just walking to school (instead of me having to carry him) possible. The dogs help increase the independence and quality of life for those affected by autism. 

We have been lucky enough to have made it through the assessment and my training and will be receiving our dog for Franklin when a match is available! This dog we are sure will change his and our lives. We cannot wait! 

Video of Franklin and Stanley’s first meeting in Facebook link below 💙🐶