Dark Den (attempt 3!)

After the success of the sensory den I hired for Franklin’s birthday, I wanted to try and recreate this for him. He’s had a huge amount of change to cope with recently, a calming space at home could be exactly what he needs. So I thought it was time to dig the dark den out of the loft again for attempt number 3! (Previous attempts have been unsuccessful, as in he couldn’t have been less interested and actively avoided going inside it) 

The Dark Den completely blocks out all light and offers Franklin the perfect place for a quiet and distraction free environment when he needs it. It is also an ideal sensory environment for stimulating his senses when used with sensory lighting and effects etc.

I’ve added extra lighting this time and some new sensory pieces such as a light up cushion, fibre optic lamp and large colour changing mood cube and I can confirm so far, he’s loving it 💙 (this is of course subject to change!) 

Watch the video of Franklin enjoying the dark den at the link here…