PECS in action!

With so many new faces to Franklin’s team at school this term, he has to really focus when he is using PECS.

In the Facebook video link below he is showing he has mastered the first four phases of PECS:-

He is able to generalise with a variety of different communicative partners and travel to them to initiate a request. (Phase 2 – Distance & Persistence)

He is able to select from 2 or more pictures (there are many in his book) to request a specific item that he wants. (Phase 3 – Picture discrimination)

He is also forming a complete sentence on the strip – Karen, I Want, Drink. (Phase 4 – Sentences)

It’s wonderful to see him using PECS so well in school. The aim is for him to make as many requests as possible every day. The result, him using self-initiating, functional communication.


If you are interested in the PECS communication system, full details can be found here