Sparkly lights on a magical Christmas night

After getting a call to pick Franklin up early from school and being told he wasn’t coping with the Christmas activities, I was worried how tonight would go. 

We’d been to the Christmas light display at Dunham Massey a few years ago. Franklin wouldn’t walk so we sped around with him in the buggy while managing a lot of tears and meltdowns as he struggled to take it all in. 

That was before Thunda. 

Given how well Franklin has been coping since being tethered to Thunda, we decided to ramp things up to 11 and try another visit! 

I cannot believe how well it went. Franklin and Thunda walked around the whole of the light show. We stopped for food. We paused to admire the light displays. We enjoyed and danced to the music. We all had an amazing time – like every other family there!

The walk was just over an hour, probably a mile long. In the dark. At night. With lots of flashing lights, sounds, smells and bustling with people, even with social distancing. 

For the first time ever I think we didn’t just “get through it” like is often our aim. Franklin didn’t just cope, he actually enjoyed it as much as Tabitha! 

This is the best Christmas present we could ever have asked for ❤️