A safe space for Franklin

Some children require an extra level of care to keep them safe during the day and especially during the night. 

Franklin’s behaviour can be hyperactive and impulsive on top of which he has no sense of danger and absolutely no fear. 

Until today he has had to sleep in a baby cot, which we manually padded all the way around to stop him hurting himself when he rocks against the sides, head bangs or throws himself around. The high sides did manage to keep him in there when he was younger and we’re lucky he’s only little!  Franklin needs to be supervised at all times and this includes when he wakes during the night. For the past couple of years, if he woke for a second in the night he would climb out of his cot and be wide awake. He likes to climb on everything, jump from high heights and make a total racket. This makes keeping him safe at night a constant worry. 

The safe space bed is fully padded inside and out, soft, waterproof, and a low stimulatory environment so this promotes de-escalation and keeps him calm, relaxed and safe during the night. This enables him (and us!) a significantly better quality of sleep. 

We’ve fought for this bed with the local authority and occupational therapy for over 2 years, and it was only when we finally met someone in the department who seemed to care and understand Franklin’s needs, did things finally move forward.

Franklin’s new bed from the wonderful Creative Care Limited arrived and was installed yesterday and I’m euphoric to say last night Franklin slept for 12 hours straight and didn’t get up until 9.30am!! Having a great start to the day and being well rested should hopefully mean less meltdowns and put him in a better place to cope with what every day life throws at him.