He, Me and 123

I’m astonished but also extremely excited! Franklin is actually learning to count!!

To put this into perspective, he had done very little to no number or maths work before lockdown and homeschool. He did not know the basic numbers 1-10 by name, he did not know the ordering of 1-10 and he certainly didn’t have a clue what counting was.

To make life that much harder, he cannot be taught using words as explanation (in any of his learning) because he doesn’t have the understanding of the vocabulary. He has learnt all of this by me using visual representation, repetition and reinforcement!

Just imagine trying to understand the concept of counting without words as a guide!

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal. This is such a huge development and I am so proud of him ❤️

Watch the video here….