Strength in Numbers

I’ve been working on ordering/sequencing with Franklin, to follow on from him now recognising the numbers by word, and he’s nailed the 1-10 order within a few days!

For info I started by using a 1-5 number line and repeated saying the order out loud. I also put Franklin’s finger on each number as I said it. We did number hunts in the garden and the sant pit, with my guidance to ensure he found the numbers in the correct order. I also used number puzzles, handing him each piece in number order to reinforce it.

Franklin does not have the vocabulary or comprehension to understand ordering if I tried to explain it to him using words, visual repetition is therefore key to how he learns.

I used a variety of styles of numbers (foam numbers, plastic numbers, flashcard numbers) to make sure he can discriminate, constantly repeating the number order to him over and over again. Once confident he had mastered 1-5, we moved onto 6-10.

Here is a video link showing his success…