The Juggle

We had a little visit to the playground today while it was quiet, before all the other schools close their doors for summer. After a fair amount of preparation, tears and ear defenders (for me, his refusal was piercing!) we did make it out of the door eventually and Franklin coped really well once he settled.

It can be so difficult to juggle the holidays. Trying to find places to visit that Tabitha can (and deserves to) enjoy but that aren’t too overwhelming or busy for Franklin is verging on impossible. I often feel guilty Tabitha doesn’t get the same summer and freedom her friends do. 

The amount of planning and preparation that goes into just a small simple walk is military. There is also a time limit on how long is sensible before sensory overload takes over.

They were able to indulge in a full hour of play today before the signs it was becoming too much for Franklin started to show. He definitely enjoyed it though, in particular climbing and trying to jump from heights he really shouldn’t be attempting, and I am so grateful Tabitha loved it and got to have some much needed fun! 

To all the families who are preparing for a similar struggle through summer, I salute you 🖖