Worth the wait!

6 1/2 years, but my god it was worth the wait!

I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of hearing him say ‘mama’ for the first time. I was flooded with every emotion.

For so many years I’ve wondered if this day would ever come. I lost a little hope each year that passed, as we celebrated his 4th birthday, then his 5th, and then 6th. Franklin was diagnosed with Autism at age 2 and non-verbal at 3. Non-verbal refers to a person who either does not speak at all or is unable to say more than a few simple words and cannot use these in a meaningful manner.

He may be a long way off verbal yet and I don’t want to give myself false hope, yet I do try to remain optimistic that we can one day in the future change the non-verbal diagnosis, and this is an enormous hop skip and jump in the right direction!

The past couple of weeks have been particularly challenging, emotional and downright exhausting, but hearing him say mama for the first time, in his own unique way, makes every overwhelming second of it worth it. The lengths I go to, the battles I fight and the tears I cry are all worth it.

It is a never ending emotional rollercoaster but believing in what your child is capable of is powerful, and I truly feel it can have a huge impact on their lives. Mama’s know best ❤️ (and Daddy’s too sometimes)

Watch the video here… https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2775307756086771&id=2254701438147408