Week 1 ✅

What a way to end his first week, with a smile. 

It’s been a positive start for Franklin in his new school. Aside from a few brief displays of anxiety and a few tears shed, all of which are to be expected as part of the settling in process, there have been a lot of positives to share. 

Firstly, he has settled comfortably into his class and joined in all the activities like a super star! 

He has thoroughly enjoyed a variety of sensory play, in particular a special trip to the beach! (in the interactive sensory room). Yesterday was fruit tasting from the hungry caterpillar story and Franklin actually bit into an apple and chewed it! 

Relaxation stretching in PE was another highlight for him, and I’m reassured (and relieved!) that he has happily played outside every day too, which has often been a struggle for him at school. 

Above all else though, I drop him off happy and I pick him up happy. I’m hoping this is the start of something amazing 🙏💙