Rock on Franklin 🤘🏼

Rocking is Franklin’s preferred method of stimming when he is trying to reduce anxiety and calm himself. This is certainly the case when he is trying to adapt to an unfamiliar environment, like our current holiday.

It’s a coping mechanism, a self-regulation action, and nothing to be feared.

To Franklin, it’s a soothing repetitive movement. He covers his ears to block out external noise and often hums to himself, which I’ve always assumed is to create a form of white noise. He is transporting himself into his own world and away from the unpleasant feelings. It can go on for long periods of time and many times a day when he is particularly unsettled, like when he is somewhere unfamiliar.

He doesn’t want cuddles and he doesn’t want any interaction, this is certainly not a cry for attention. I have found the best thing to do when he rocks is to simply leave him be, and allow him to soothe himself. Why not? We wouldn’t refuse our child a hug if they needed it, nor would we take that comforting cup of tea (or wine) off a friend in need, so let him be. Rock on Franklin 🤘🏼

Watch the video here…