7 days and counting 🥣

7 days and counting 🥣

I’m all too aware we are now getting to the point when this could all change. Franklin has many times enjoyed a particular food and then suddenly developed an aversion to it, to the point he hasn’t touched it again since. Examples of this are chips, all potatoes, fish fingers, sausages, chicken and all other meat, pizza, pasta, pastries, cooked meat, crackers, cheese, cake, to name a few.

He stopped eating them all (not on the same day but at varying times) and hasn’t touched any since, for at least 3 years now, despite my many efforts. Yet he will try and eat sand out of the sandpit and also chalk every time he plays in the garden?! (a condition called pica, eating non-food items, which is also common with autism)

Many children on the spectrum struggle with eating problems, mainly due to food selectivity and sensory sensitivity and unfortunately the parents struggle with very little or no professional help (me ✋🏻)

I have tried many strategies: –

– Repeated exposure to the once loved foods

– Offering choices

– Trying foods with textures he likes

– Paying attention to varied textures, colours and smells so as not to overwhelm his senses

– Introducing new foods gradually

– Removing all stimulation at mealtimes

– Playing with food to encourage exposure and reduce stress around mealtimes

Unfortunately none of the strategies have made much of a difference so far. Hoping for the best with the Alpen🤞