Franklin has started covering his eyes recently and frequently. It’s as though he’s trying to block something out or hide from it. It could relate to a number of things, such as a way to block out too much sensory stimuli, to self-regulate, or possibly even to close down an unwelcome feeling.

Today me telling him “no” for keep opening the freezer door led him to do it.

Franklin and many other children on the autistic spectrum typically have a number of unusual visual behaviours:

  • Squinting or closing eyes
  • Covering eyes
  • Staring at certain objects or patterns
  • Fascinated by certain lights
  • Looking through the corner of eyes

When sensory input becomes too intense, Franklin often shuts off the sensory channels to help him withdraw into his own world.

The eye covering could be a way for him to avoid an unpleasant feeling and in making himself feel ‘invisible’ by shutting down that sensory channel, it makes it easier for him to cope with the unwanted internal feeling.

I’m speculating though, I really wish I knew 🤷‍♀️😕